Skype Headquarters, Luxembourg

SAS International's bespoke waveform acoustic baffle ceiling solution was used as a feature in the new Skype Headquarters.

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An SAS International bespoke waveform acoustic baffle ceiling solution incorporating luminaires by Zumtobel, was specified by Walker and Martin Architects (WAM) for the new Skype Headquarters. Situated in Luxembourg, the new building forms part of the regeneration works to an existing brewery located in Clausen, the old quarter of Luxembourg City.

The challenge set by the client was to provide an interior that would inspire innovation in the daily workplace of Skype employees whilst retaining an element of corporate sophistication. The solution helped create a dynamic and flexible office space.

In the design, development and installation of the system, WAM worked closely with SAS International, to ensure the baffles integrated seamlessly with the luminaires to suit the ceiling and building shape.

Stuart Walker of WAM comments,”The ceiling is employed as a topographical device to encourage movement through the space, the wave like forms are also a contextual reference to the river running along side that once served the brewery. We specified the ceiling because we were looking for a high quality solution that could provide an integrated system of form, acoustic performance and lighting. The SAS International product achieved this.”

The stunning waveform ceiling solution was achieved by using convex and concave light fittings and baffles in sequence. A hook over bracket solution integrated both components which contributed to the impressive, continuous wave effect.

Integrating the lighting, building service and sprinkler system within the ceiling was a challenge that SAS International solved by creating a service zone above the ceiling line to incorporate the building service systems.

The curved outline of the building perimeter meant that each run of acoustic baffles were required to change in length to fit the building envelope. The solution was to create an end cap which allowed the baffles to be cut to length on site then finished with the bespoke cap detailing.

WAM designed the acoustic baffle ceiling solution with technical help from SAS International, then developed the layout to achieve the ‘wave’ and ‘fluid’ affect. Stuart Walker adds, “The ceiling design gives an uplifting ambience to the space, people ‘look up’ when they enter and immediately know they are in a space that challenges office convention with innovative thinking.”

Another consideration that WAM took when selecting materials for the fit out process was the impact on the environment. SAS International metal ceilings have a lifespan in excess of 25 years with only very basic maintenance.

These products withhold a residual value and can be recycled at end of life into new virgin steel or aluminium without any loss of properties; this ensures products do not end up in costly and unsustainable landfill sites.

Skype was founded in 2003. It’s based in Luxembourg, with offices in Europe, the US and Asia. Skype is a software-based communications platform that offers high-quality, easy-to-use tools for both consumers and businesses to communicate and collaborate globally through voice, video and text conversations

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