New Laser Cutter

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Maybole is proud to be a centre of excellence for complex production and short lead times. Achieving this status was not easy and required a complete audit of our order placement and manufacturing processes.

The factory predominantly processes high volumes of short and medium run items. This means reducing time spent on processes, even modestly, will significantly improve productivity. The overall benefit is shorter lead times for customers and improved accuracy.

The audit identified inefficiencies due to human-centric interactions and processes, lowering productivity and output. The challenge was how to improve productivity safely and accurately.

Maybole explored various avenues, one of which was new machine technologies. The combined efficiencies and accuracy gained by employing a fibre-optic laser and auto-tooling press were significant. We made the strategic decision to invest.

Installation, commissioning, and training went seamlessly resulting in both machines producing parts before the end of February. Combined, the machines bring numerous benefits:

  • Reduced waste and more efficient use of materials
  • Accommodates steel, copper, brass, aluminium and titanium
  • Improved range of thicknesses accommodated
  • Improved productivity
  • Design flexibility – can create any perf, mesh, shape or pattern 
  • Improved health and safety (no sharp edges or corners)

Although small in isolation, the combined time efficiencies gained through the new machines are significant. Considering the many thousands of set-ups, we have managed to improve plant efficiency by the equivalent of 72 days gained time. Fantastic news for improving quick turnaround lead times.

The machines have also allowed for far less material waste, assisting us in keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum. Considering the rise in raw material costs globally, this is a key advantage.

SAS International has always understood the strategic importance of investing in the right technology. This is just one example of our long-term approach to manufacturing excellence.