Bespoke Metal Ceilings

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SAS bespoke ceilings encompass a wide range of design options and include radial, vaulted and waveform designs. The specification of bespoke systems is often demanded by complex application detail, architectural design consistency or simple design flair. SAS are a design led manufacturer that thrive on design challenges that aim to meet architectural and client aspirations.

System features

Achieving complex applications

Our bespoke ceilings can be designed to fit any building design or shape. No matter how aspirational your project vision, our knowledge and expertise can help realise your ambition.

Sometimes it is appropriate to adapt an existing system to achieve you specification. At other times, your demands will necessitate a completley new system to be developed.


Bespoke Suspended Ceilings

Tiled ceilings can be manufactured to meet the building module size with curved or trapezoidal tiles and profiles available. Any option or combination of performance or aesthetic characteristics can be fulfilled.


Bespoke Linear Ceilings

We have a range of linear metal ceiling options, which can be adapted to suit specific niche requirements. Shape, finish and fixing methods can all be tailored to achieve specific requirements.


External and Semi-external demands

For external environments, subject to wind loading, differing options can be manufactured.

Semi-external ceilings can be produced. Where subterranean car parks must meet U-Value requirements, we can insulate the ceiling plane. This not only offers thermal performance, but also a durable and easy to maintain surface.



Polyester powder coat provides a durable, easy to maintain surface and is available in any RAL colour. Specialist colour ranges and performance coats are also available if required. However, if you have a specific finish material in mind, we can probably accommodate your wishes.

Bespoke Metal Ceilings Projects

  • Charlestown Mall, Dublin

  • Ropemaker Place, London

  • Lake Island Pavilion, Wormsley Estate

  • Imperial War Museum, London